Air fryer – Top 3 Hawonkoo’s most favorite appliances

Air Fryer is the “treasure” of the kitchen that be loved by many modern housewives nowadays. Refer to these most favorite Hawonkoo’s Air Fryers

With the mission as a savior to make housework less hard and boring, oilless fryer has become a popular modern kitchen appliance. Not only is it convenient and easy to cook, but this kitchen appliance also utilizes the modern technology – Rapid Air, that minimizes the amount of oil used every day.

In particular, Hawonkoo is being received attention with many “high-class” and modern appliance. Let’s find out the Top 3 most favorite Hawonkoo’s Air Fryer to choose a suitable appliance for your own family.

What is an Air fryer?

Air Fryers is the ‘rising’ kitchen appliance in recent years. By using hot rapid air convection technology in the pot compartment to cook, Oil-free Fryers could completely overcome the disadvantage of oil splashes when using regular frying methods.

The advantages of the Air fryer

Good for health is the main and also the biggest advantage of this kitchen appliance. The amount of fat is reduced significantly in each dish, restricts 80 to 90% of the amount of fat used daily, effectively preventing cardiovascular diseases, dyslipidemia, … or people who are looking for a healthier eating habit.

Convenience is the second advantage of the Air fryer, not only helping women cook leisurely with pre-installed cooking functions, but also easy to clean after using.

With just a few steps of disassembling the frying basket equipment, baking tray, roti bar, … and cleaning them with soap and water, the stains can easily be removed.

Cooking a variety of dishes is the next advantage of an oilless fryer. Apart from fried food like shrimp, meat, fish, …kitchen lovers could also utilize it to bake delicious cakes at home such as bread, cakes, egg cakes….

Eating a lot without worrying about getting fed up is also a plus point of the fryer that cook food with hot rapid air convection technology in the pot compartment.

If the greasy fried dishes are popular because of their crispness, the dishes with the oilless fryer are no less competitive, but also more dominant because people do not need to worry about getting fed up.

Top 3 most favorite Hawonkoo’s Air fryers

Hawonkoo is a popular Korean kitchen appliances brand. In particular, Hawonkoo’s fryers are always in the top-selling at many supermarkets and shopping malls across the country.

Let’s see these following three Hawonkoo’s oil-free fryers that are popular nowadays

Air fryer AFH-045

Leading the top 3 most favourite oilless-fryers is the model AFH-045. AFH-045 air fryer is manufactured by Hawonkoo with a capacity of up to 1500W, making the food processing faster, super energy-saving and declines up to 80% of the available fat in food. Therefore, the meal is not only delicious but also good for health.

With a capacity of 4.5 liters, the Hawonkoo AFH-045 oilless fryer can cook a large number of dishes, suitable for the needs of families with 1 to 3 members. The spacious frying compartment allows you to cook the entire dish in just one time, without wasting time and dividing it into multiple times like using a regular pan. If you are looking for a medium-size oil-free fryer for your family, the AFH-045 is the perfect choice.


Oil-free Fryer AFH-101

The next air fryer that Hawonkoo introduces is the AFH-101 model with a large capacity of up to 10L. The appliance uses all touch buttons with 10 pre-set functions that help us easily cook a variety of delicious dishes such as Asian meal, European meal,….and moreover.

Air fryer AFH-101 is equipped with many additional accessories such as roti skewer, frying basket, baking tray, oil pan, … so that the ladies can cook many kinds of dishes. If you are looking for a large capacity fryer and prefering touch-controlled products, the AFH-101 will be the right product for you and your family.

Air fryer AFH-100

Among the top 3 most favorite fryers, the AFH-100 is useful assistance for modern housewives. With a large capacity of 10L and up to 1500W, it allows quick cook and home parties in a short time. Instead of lengthy preparation time, you can just set the temperature and timing mode, while relaxing and chitchatting with friends.

Above are the top 3 most favorite Hawonkoo’s air fryers. Hopefully, these useful information in this article can help you choose a suitable none-oil fryer for your family.

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