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DDH-202 – Hawonkoo multifunctional sterilizer is compact, powerful sterilization product aim to be  useful health protection  of your family. Applying expensive UV technology, the Hawonkoo multifunctional sterilizer is capable of removing up to 99% of bacteria on most familiar items such as dishes, bottles, cups, spoons, chopsticks, electricity items. phone … No more mold, no more worry when you own  Hawonkoo DDH-202 multifunctional sterilizer!




Model: DDH-202

Power Capacity: 260W

Voltage: 220-230V

Frequency: 50 – 60Hz
Capacity: 60L

Temperature controll: 75 degree celsius +/- 5 degree celsius

Dimension: 495 x 409 x 362 mm

Weight: 4.6 kg

Components: Stainless Steel, Plastic PP and other components

Made in Thailand
Warranty Period: 12 months

Product introduction

Hawonkoo DDH-202 multifunctional sterilizer is an indispensable device in the kitchen. Manufactured on modern technology from Korea, the DDH-202 multi-function sterilizer is integrated with many unique and useful features, making housework more simple and easier than ever.

Advantages of the “4 in 1” multifunction sterilizer Hawonkoo DDH-202

Multi-function “4 in 1” sterilizer with UV light

Hawonkoo DDH-202 sterilizer is equipped with many modern features  including: automatic mode, drying mode, sterilization mode, storage mode, so that it is suitable for most of families. Hawonkoo DDH-202 is capable of sterilizing most familiar household items such as bowls, cups, bottles, household products, even phones.

Auto mode is a program that combines drying and sterilizing by UV rays, and drying and cleaning the surface of utensils, suitable for products that need to be washed with water such as bowls and chopsticks, cups, especially convenient for families with young children thanks to the ability to sterilize bottles, nipples, gums, milk towels … and separate items for babies.

UV mode (Sterilize) works for 11 minutes, making sterilization fast, in no time. In this mode, you can also sterilize electronic products such as phones, watches, tablets … without worrying about the product being damaged like when using a steam sterilizer.

Drying only works with a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius, helping to dry things faster. Meanwhile, Maintain mode operates both Dry and UV sterilization mode, helping to store utensils clean for up to 72 hours inside the machine.

Multi-purpose sterilizer, replacing 4 modern household appliances

With many convenient features, the Hawonkoo DDH-202 multifunctional sterilizer can replace 4 modern household appliances including: dish dryer, bottle sterilizer, chopping knife sterilizer, phone sterilizer . Instead of having to buy 4-5 expensive devices, Hawonkoo multifunction sterilizer can “replace” all.

Thanks to the application of UV rays and heat drying in the sterilization process, Hawonkoo DDH-202 allows you to sterilize and disinfect more utensils. Not only limited to kitchen household items such as bowls, cups or cutting boards, electronic products such as phones, tablets, watches; Personal items such as masks, face towels … can be completely sterilized with Hawonkoo’s “4 in 1” multifunctional sterilizer.

Compact design

With the dimensions of only 495 x 409 x 362 mm, the versatile sterilizer Hawonkoo DDH-202 can be used flexibly in any space. The compact design makes the DDH-202 sterilizer easy to install and move. The body is made of high-grade, transparent PP plastic with soft curves, making it easy to observe the sterilization drying process, promising to be an effective assistant for daily housework.

Maximum disinfection and sterilization with UV rays

The multifunctional sterilizer DDH-202 is equipped with expensive UV sterilization. UV rays are an effective way to disinfect and disinfect the environment. It works by using ultraviolet light to disinfect microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and protozoa exposed to the bactericidal wavelength of UV light, preventing them from reproducing. and grow. As a result, the dishes, utensils, milk bottles and other sterilized utensils will always be clean, dry, ensuring health safety for the whole family.

Large drying capacity

Hawonkoo DDH-202 multifunctional sterilizer operates with a powerful 260W capacity to quickly dry and sterilize chopsticks, suitable for families with 3-8 members. The capacity of 60 liter machine helps sterilize drying more tools, flexible size of dryer, saving time and labor.

The cup holder is easy to remove and remove

Hawonkoo DDH-202 multifunctional sterilizer uses a 1-storey tray, separate cupboards, spoon and chopsticks … to easily arrange items inside the machine. The tray is also designed to be easily removable for  cleaning.

High quality material, safe for users

The body is made of PP plastic with high mechanical strength, safe to use for human health and good heat resistance. The storage rack in the drying compartment uses stainless steel material that is resistant to oxidation in the steam environment, easy to clean, durable and antibacterial.

Convenient LED display and touch panel

DDH-202 multifunctional sterilizer is equipped with an LED screen that clearly displays information about programs, features and messages during use of the machine. At the same time, this screen also displays information and the remaining time of the program running. The intuitive, easy-to-understand touch panel suitable for the majority of users helps you use the device simply and conveniently.

Convenient and hygienic water tank

The water tank is equipped under the DDH-202 sterilizer that allows users to directly put dishes or wet objects into the machine without having to wipe the machine to avoid the risk of contamination when using towels. exposed to outside environment. The machine uses a super quiet slug blower with extremely high air output to help circulate the air to completely dry the tools inside faster.

Safe self-shutdown mode

Hawonkoo DDH-202 Korean multifunctional sterilizer is also integrated with absolute safe self-shutdown mode. When the machine is in operation, the user can open the lid of the drying chamber and still ensure safety because the machine automatically detects the opening / close state of the drying chamber through the sensor of the drying compartment cover to close / stop the operation. The entire current program is memorized through the onboard program memory, when the operation is resumed, the machine will work with the previous program running without the user wasting time. repeat.

Hawonkoo DDH-202 multifunctional sterilizer has perfect design, beautiful appearance, high capacity, brings many conveniences for users, is an indispensable product in the kitchen space of every family.

Do not miss the opportunity to own a multifunctional sterilizer Hawonkoo DDH-202, a powerful assistant for the family kitchen.

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