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Model: OJH-001

Voltage: 220 -240V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Power Capacity: 30W

Capacity: 600ml, 20 OZ

Components: Stainless Steel, Plastic AS and other components

Filter tray: Yes

Spinning mechanism: 2 directions

Weight: 0.74 kg

Dimension: 195 x 152 x 210 mm

Warranty Period: 12 months
Made in China

Product introduction

Hawonkoo OJH-001 orange squeezer is the top popular product on the market today. With outstanding features, OJH-001 orange squeezer helps mothers take care of the health of the whole family and is an indispensable tool in today’s modern kitchen.

Product features



OJH-001 orange squeezer is favored by many customers for its safe material. The machine is made from stainless steel, high-grade ABS plastic, safe for users, giving you complete peace of mind when preparing attractive drinks for your family. The mechanical bearing components are made of stainless steel to increase service life.

The ability to reverse spin helps to squeeze quickly, dehydrate

Hawonkoo OJH-001 orange squeezer has a capacity of 30W and a power supply of 220-240V to help the machine operate stably. In addition, the ability to reverse squeeze helps to separate all orange cloves to help you get all the juice out of oranges.


Squeeze a variety of fruits

Not only suitable for squeezing oranges, the Hawonkoo OJH-001 squeezer is also equipped with 2 squeezers with different sizes, allowing flexible squeezing of fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, lemons, tangerines … Only 1 machine, suitable with different preferences of each family member. Hawonkoo OJH-001 deserves to be every housekeeper’ assistant.

Smart filter tray, avoid mixing particles during the spinning process

Hawonkoo’s OJH-001 squeezer is equipped with 2 removable filter trays with 3 different levels of adjustment when filtering. This helps to filter the seeds from the fruits when processing, you can also choose to filter the pulp from the orange fibers with different levels depending on your needs and preferences.


Convenient direct dispenser

In order to facilitate the preparation process, the OJH-001 squeezer is equipped with an intelligent pouring nozzle. Just use a cup of juice from the pouring head, users squeeze continuously without stopping to remove the cup to get the juice. The lid is closed, does not drip the juice during the pressing process as well as pour the juice from the bowl into the cup.

Easy to disassemble, easy to clean

Components of the Hawonkoo OJH-001 orange squeezer are simply paired without a locking pin for easy disassembly. The machine is equipped with 2 extractors so you can replace in order to squeeze many other fruits. Sturdy filter screen, small slot holds the orange shrimp on the top. The base is designed for a sturdy non-slip.


Space saving

Thanks to its minimalist and smart design, the product’s weight is only 0.74 kg, which is convenient to carry when traveling or working.

Do not miss the opportunity to own a Hawonkoo squeezer – a powerful assistant for the family kitchen.

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