Should you buy a multifunctional sterilizer with Ultraviolet?

Multi-function UV sterilizer uses ultraviolet-technology to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi and pathogens that cause harm to health.

it is not too strange  with many modern families using a multifunction sterilizer. This machine is designed with the main function of sterilizing household utensils to prevent children from the risk of developing bacteria, viruses that can harm your child’s health.

However, many people intend to buy this device who always confuse about the effect of using a multifunction sterilizer with UV? Let’s read about this device through the article below before making your decision.

What is multifunction sterilizer?

The multifunctional sterilizer is a smart household device used to disinfect and clean household utensils such as baby bottles, bowls and chopsticks, cutting boards, watches, … effectively and the most optimal.

Previously, when there was no sterilizer, women often chose to clean manually by pouring in boiling water directly. However, this method will quickly shorten the life of the appliance and can cause object deformation if the boiling temperature is too high.

Therefore, the multifunctional sterilizer known as “protective armor” to ensure the health of the whole family saves time for women, so that they can be flexible in other jobs while waiting for the items in the machine. completely dried and sterilized.

Classification of multifunctional sterilizers

Currently, on the market there are many different types of sterilizers, the most popular including two main types are steam sterilizers and UV sterilizers (sterilized by UV technology).

Steam sterilizer: operating on the principle of converting electricity into heat energy, water will reach a high temperature of 100 degrees C and then evaporate to destroy the bacteria and viruses that are left on the utensils. items need to be disinfected.

UV sterilizer: UV sterilization to kill bacteria by altering chromosomes and preventing new cell division. With high bactericidal ability up to 99.9% of bacteria, harmful viruses in no time, this type of sterilization device is increasingly loved and chosen by many families.

Should you buy a multifunctional sterilizer with UV ?

In addition to the optimal antibacterial ability for children’s items or household items such as bowls, plates, watches, face towels, masks, … this smart device is extremely easy to use for the whole father. Mom or grandparents, it’s all just done with the buttons automatically and wait until the finish of drying and sterilizing is done. Extremely convenient, right?

Advantages of multifunctional sterilizer with UV

The first advantage of a UV sterilizer is its superior ability to kill bacteria thanks to UV technology that kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and fungi that stick on utensils.

In particular, this superior device has improved the disadvantages of the type that can be used to disinfect any object with many different sizes at the same time instead of having to divide multiple drying and sterilization cycles that.

All pre-market UV sterilizers are tested for safety for users’ health (because ultraviolet leakage can be harmful to health)

Multifunctional sterilizer “4 in 1” DDH-202

True to its name, Hawonkoo DDH-202 multifunctional sterilizer is equipped with many modern features with 4 programs including: automatic mode, drying mode, sterilization mode, storage mode, meeting all demand for family use. Hawonkoo DDH-202 is capable of sterilizing most familiar household items such as bowls, cups, bottles, household products, even phones.

Auto mode is a program that combines drying and sterilizing by UV rays, and drying and cleaning the surface of utensils, suitable for products that need to be washed with water such as bowls and chopsticks, cups, especially convenient for families with young children thanks to the ability to sterilize bottles, nipples, gums, milk towels … and separate items for babies.

UV mode (Sterilize) works for 11 minutes, making sterilization fast, in no time. In this mode, you can also sterilize electronic products such as phones, watches, tablets … without worrying about the product being damaged like when using a steam sterilizer.

Drying only works with a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius, helping to dry things faster faster.

Maintain mode operates both Dry and UV sterilizer, keeping utensils clean for up to 72 hours inside the machine.

If you are looking to buy a quality UV multifunctional sterilizer for your family, the DDH-202 is the best choice for you. Contact Hawonkoo hotline at 1900 232396 or Visit our Fanpage to receive a free consultation and get a chance to buy goods with many attractive incentives.

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