[Review] Is the Air fryer good? Is there any health effect?

The Air fryer has become a very popular kitchen appliance in many countries around the world and has become a new “wave” in Vietnam in the past few years, helping Vietnamese women to reduce the burden. heavy kitchen daily. So, what is this oil-free fryer, how does it work, and does it affect our health? Join Hawonkoo to find out the answer in this article.

Operating principles of the Air Fryer

The reason why many people often call this pot as the air fryer because this smart kitchen device has a quite unique structure to cook. No need to use oil, you can still make delicious crunchy food – that’s what this amazing pot does.

The structure of the air fryer will include 3 important parts: the heating wire, the fan above and the baking tray below. When the fryer is working, it will use convection heat to cook at the same time from the top to bottom sides. During the operation, the heat bars will gradually heat up and the fan will spread the heat around the pot, helping the food to cook evenly without smogging like a conventional frying dish.

The air fryer is very suitable for cooking many kind of meat such as pork, chicken, fish, ribs, … because they already have natural fat. As for the dishes that are too dry, we can add oil to the pan surface before putting it in the air fryer.

Is the Air fryer good?

The air fryer is actually a “multi-functional” kitchen appliance that significantly reduces the load on your chores. Instead of struggling in the kitchen for hours to cook, oil smells and unpleasant, now, with an air fryer, the whole family can enjoy a hearty meal with a varied menu.

No oil is needed

If the traditional frying method requires a large amount of oil to fry everything fully cooked such as frying chicken, French fries, fish, …however, with an air fryer using no oil or using very little oil, meals can be cook perfectly. The dish is not only delicious and flavorful, but also good for your health, especially for people who have high blood pressure. If you are tired of greasy dishes, try to change your eating habit to enjoy the dishes made from the fryer.

Do not cause fat

Fatty foods often make us feel good, but they are also the cause of obesity, uncontrolled weight gain. On the other hand, when using an air fryer to cook, you are able to minimize fat intake. Thus, we can comfortably eat favorite dishes such as fried chicken, chips, … without worrying about weight issues.

Do not waste time

Regularly, cooking takes a lot of time to prepare, especially with those who are lazy and not good at it. Instead, using an air fryer will save us a lot of cooking time every day. In addition, most current fryers have built-in cooking functions for different dishes and automatically turn off after the preset time is completed. Therefore, you are completely assured if you do not have much cooking experience.

Check out the most popular Hawonkoo air fryer

Air fryer Hawonkoo AFH-100 is one of the most famous kitchen appliances brand from Korea. Hawonkoo AFH-100 is loved by many Vietnamese families because of its convenience and safety for all members. The pot uses convection baking technology, the heat is distributed evenly in the oven compartment to cook perfectly. Meals are not scorched or burned, especially good for your health.

If you are looking for a high quality air fryer at a reasonable price, this product will be the best choice for you.

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