HAWONKOO – Korean kitchen appliances brand is available in Vietnam!

Hawonkoo is a Korean kitchen household brand with a mission to beautify the kitchen – inspire kitchen lovers with smart and sophisticated products.
Good news for women who love smart home appliances from Korea!  Hawonkoo is now present in most provinces and cities nationwide including:
– Aeon Long Bien Shopping Center

– Aeon Hai Phong Shopping Center
– Nguyen Kim supermarket
– Pico supermarket

Easily buy Korean home appliances at the nearest supermarket 


Now, you can easily own smart home appliances, quickly and easily improve the comfort of your family.

Hawonkoo is known as the Korean Kitchen Appliance Brand with the mission of beautifying the kitchen with smart and sophisticated products.

In Tet holiday 2021, Hawonkoo gives customers the opportunity to receive many big sale when buying kitchen appliances products from Korea’s No. 1 brand.
Air fryer : uses the unique Air Fryer technology – no need for oil to cook evenly and deliciously. The large-capacity product and many accompanying accessories allow housewives to freely prepare different dishes and change the taste of the family’s daily diet.
Squeezer: Instead of having to squeeze by hands like before, just touch lightly to make a delicious glass of juice without annual strength. In particular, the upper part can completely separate the seeds and water, so users can enjoy a glass of 100% pure orange juice.
Multifunction sterilizer: UV technology allows drying all utensils from dishes, toothbrushes, baby bottles, phones, … with 4 different adjustment modes. The product is absolutely safe and convenient for the whole family to use.

High-end kitchen appliances from Korea’s leading brands are offering sale up to 40%, so why not go to the nearest point of sale to get this appliance for your kitchen.

If you are interested in the product, please inbox or contact the hotline at 1900 232396 for the most enthusiastic support and advice.

Visit Hawonkoo’s official Fanpage to update the latest offers: https://www.facebook.com/hawonkoo.korea

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