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Hawonkoo FDH-012-SPEED24 fan is an electromechanical fans from Hawonkoo – Korean kitchen appliances, produced by modern technology lines today. This device has up to 7 propllers with 24 different levels of wind force for all proposes. Especially, this Hawonkoo fan is not only highly appreciated by experts, but also conquers the consumer market in many countries by its smoothness.



Model: FDH-012-SPEED24

Power Capacity : 25W

Voltage: 220V

Dimension: 420 x 420 x 1280mm

Weight: 5.4 kg

7 Propllers

Motor: new generation of DC 

Smooth operation

24 levels

Hawonkoo FDH-012-SPEED24 fan has compact size, integrating 24 levels of adjustment.

FDH-012-SPEED24 is an electromechanical fans from Hawonkoo – Korean kitchen household brand manufactured according to today’s leading modern technology. This device has 7 propllers with 24 different levels of wind force regulation to meet the needs of the majority of families today. In particular, the Hawonkoo’s fan is not only highly appreciated by experts, but also conquers the consumer market in many countries because of its smoothness and ultra-fast cooling.

Modern & compact design

The Hawonkoo FDH-012-SPEED24 fan is compact with a weight of only 5.4kg, allowing you to place the device even in tight spaces. The design with main milky white colors brings a feeling of lightness, accents and beautifies your room in the middle of a hot summer day.

Korean 7-wings-vertical fan FDH-012-Speed24

The fan integrates the ability to customize the wind direction as you like by pointing upwards or downwards. You can easily adjust the angle of rotation up and down by lifting or pressing lightly on the fan cage section. If you want the air flow to be faster and wider, just press the knob and the fan will start to rotate. Or if you want the fan to rotate in the desired direction, just press it again and the fan will stop spinning automatically, just cool at the position you choose.

Integrated 7 intelligent propellers

FDH-012-SPEED24 vertical fan is equipped with 7 blades of equal width. When the fan works, this blade will push the airflow into a certain circle to create air flow to cool the room. More specifically, if you pay a little attention, you will see that these 7 rotors are tilted at an angle compared to the overall horizontal plane. This is a design based on the “right hand” principle, when the fan is operated the blades will rotate counter-clockwise, so the wind direction will blow towards you.

Integrated 7 intelligent propellers

Energy saving

The highlight that cannot be ignored in the FDH-012-SPEED24 device is the use of only 25W of power in combination with a high-end DC motor for powerful fan speed and longer fan life, and help save energy effectively. Especially in hot days like this, the continuous use of this device will no longer make you worry about the “sky-high” electricity bill as before.

Hawonkoo super energy-saving vertical fans

24 speed levels for cool summer days

Not only impressing users with the exterior design, Hawonkoo FDH-012-SPEED24 also gives you a “cooling” experience with 24 different levels of speed adjustment. You can easily customize the speed level as you like by selecting the level right from the control panel built into the fan body.

More convenience with unique timer function

This function on the Hawonkoo vertical fan can also be timed for 0 to 18 hours per use. So it makes the customer comfort and enjoyed for a certain amount of time. If your family, elderly or young children cannot control the device by themselves, this is definitely a great feature, right?

Instructions in use

Although an electric fan is a familiar device to every family. However, in order to ensure the safety for the life and longevity of the device, please follow some safety instructions below:
– Do not put your hands or anything in the fan cage.
– Keep fan away from the oil, chemicals and moisture
– When cleaning the fan, make sure that using ordinary water and remember not to use chemical detergents or alcohol because they could damage the fan itself.
– Do not unplug by pulling the power supply cord, this may result in electric shock or cause a spark.
– Keep away from curtains, clothing or anything that could interfere with fan range
– Turn off socks both switches and unplug the power supply when you are going out for an extended period of time
– Do not use the fan when the installation is not completed to avoid injury

Hawonkoo FDH-012-SPEED24 vertical fan will definitely be a great companion with your family to overcome this summer. Own this device to bring fresh air to your living space. If you need advice or purchase, please contact the hotline at 1900 232396 or Visit Hawonkoo Fanpage for advice and best support.


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