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The Air fryer is indispensable equipment for modern kitchen. No oil, no fat, do not waste of time. The Hawonkoo AFH-101 air fryer brings a “revolution” in the kitchen each family. Ergonomic design, large capacity, intelligent control … According to Korean standards, AFH-101 overcomes all the disadvantages of traditional fryers, makes housework more simple everyday.



Model: AFH-101

Power Capacity: 1500W

Voltage: 220-240V

Frequency: 50 – 60Hz

Temperature controll: 80 – 200 degree celsius

Dimension: 330 x 330 x 365 mm

Weight: 7.6 kg

Capacity: 10L

Components: Metal, ABS-Plastic and other components

Made in Thailand
Warranty period: 12 months


Modern touching-screen

Design optimal, luxurious

Diverse fried-function

The versatile accessory is suitable for a wide variety of foods

Super large capacity (10L)

Large convection fan

Safety for the user


Product introduction

Hawonkoo AFH 101 10L-air fryer with luxurious design, powerful capacity and modern technology promises to bring an extremely wonderful cooking experience to millions of Vietnamese housewives.

AFH 101 oil-free fryer is produced on Korea’s leading modern line, produced and imported directly from Thailand. The product has a full range of preeminent features that save a lot of time when cooking and create a dish that is both delicious and healthy for the whole family. The pot is capable of cooking fast food, retaining most of the nutrients, the freshness of the food, helping to limit up to 90% of fats and oils, protecting users against the risk of heart disease and fat. enlarged,…

Luxurious, modern and intelligent design

Hawonkoo’s AFH 101 oil-free fryer is carefully designed in terms of luxurious black color, but also soft, because meticulously polished lines will highlight your kitchen space. The square design with large baking compartment makes it easy to put food in as well as take out food after processing. Thanks to that, the cooking becomes more simple and convenient than ever.

The special highlight of AFH 101 is the smart, modern touching-screen that will make it easy to use without the effort of other conventional Air fryers.

In addition, the AFH 101 oil-free fryer is equipped with a smart heat-resistant glass door that makes it easy for users to observe the frying and baking process inside.

Diverse functions of frying and baking

The Hawonkoo brand AFH 101 oil-free fryer is pre-installed with 10 smart baking modes such as: Making pizza, Making french fries, Baking, Grilling meat, Grilling fish, Drying, Roasting poultry Cake, Warming and Thawing to suit user’s cooking needs. With just a few simple steps, users can prepare a lot of savory dishes for the whole family without spending much time.

Not only that, the AFH 101 also has a very convenient reheat / Thaw feature with temperatures up to 115 degrees C and a warm-up time of just 6 minutes. This means you have a built-in microwave in an oil-free fryer. This is the outstanding thing that makes Hawonkoo’s fryer make a difference and deserves to be trusted by consumers.

The maximum capacity of the AFH 101 fryer up to 1500W equipped with a large convection fan that circulates high-speed airflow is a very special point to help your food be cooked evenly, golden and delicious. much more than the traditional way of cooking.

Replace 9 different types of kitchen appliances

With AFH 101, you will not have to spend money buying different kitchen equipments and still process a lot of delicious and healthy dishes for the whole family. Don’t be surprised that the AFH 101 oil-free fryer can replace cooking items such as ovens, fryers, toasters, popcorn makers, brewers, fruit dryers, microwave ovens, …

Super large capacity – make delicious food comfortably

AFH 101 Korean air fryer with super 10L capacity, spacious frying compartment can completely roast goose, chicken, duck whole … or process many different dishes. simultaneous. That will help ensure your family’s meals are nutritious and will not waste time for the next cooking time. With a capacity of 10L, AFH 101 not only meets the needs for small family’s meals, but also fulfills its role as “perfect chef” in parties with friends.

Versatile accessory for a wide variety of foods

To serve the needs of cooking, the AFH 101 air fryer is specially equipped with a variety of accessories suitable for different types of food such as Basket / frying cage, Roti bar / chicken skewer bar, Baking tray / Tray Fat catcher, Mesh tray, Roti bar fixing fork, Handles … All AFH 101’s accessories are covered with perfect non-stick material, easy to clean and absolutely safe for the user.

5 benefits of the AFH 101 air fryer
– Maximum time savings for users
– Up to 90% reduction in fat for health safety and protection from heart-related diseases, obesity, …
– The dish is better, not smoky or lose the freshness of food
– Keep the kitchen space be clean.
– No more oil splashing when normal frying, not causing burns and not polluting the kitchen.


So what are you waiting for without buying the multi-function oil-free fryer AFH 101 from Korea’s leading brand – Hawonkoo to make your family meals more delicious and convenient. Contact hotline at 1900 232396 or Vist Hawonkoo Fanpage for the best advice and receive special offers of the month.


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