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To be able to replace 9 conventional kitchen appliances, the AFH-100 air fryer is an indispensable item to help you simplify daily houseworks. Do not need spend hours in the kitchen with complicated dishes, you just prepare and set the time, you can take time to relax and take care of yourself every day.


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Model: AFH-100

Power Capacity: 1500W

Voltage: 220-240V

Frequency: 50 – 60Hz

Dimension: 320 x 320 x 360 mm

Weight: 7.1 kg

Capacity: 10L

Components: Stainless Steel, ABS-plastic and other components

Made in Thailand
Warranty Period: 12 months

The Hawonkoo AFH-100 air fryer has a huge capacity of up to 10L, with the features – no oil, no fat,  do not waste of time, helps to quickly cook without using (or using very little) oil. As a result, the dishes made by the AFH-100 air fryer are better and healthier.

The AFH-100 air fryer is one of the kitchen appliances from the famous Hawonkoo brand in Korea. Products are imported directly from Thailand, ensuring quality as well as perfect features when in use. Hawonkoo AFH-100 air fryer is loved by many Vietnamese families because of its convenience and safety for all members. The pot has convection baking technology, the heat is distributed evenly in the oven compartment to make food crispy without being scorched or burnt.

Modern and luxurious design

The AFH-100 air fryer is combined with a modern, sophisticated design and luxurious black color to create a striking highlight for your kitchen. Instead of the traditional round gourd shape, the AFH-100 is designed with a square vertical rectangle. The AFH-100 air fryer has a horizontal baking tray which is easier to put food into and take out than the traditional onces.

Super capacity up to 10L

The product has a neat design which lead not to take up too much kitchen’s space but possesses a super large capacity of up to 10L – can grill whole a goose or chicken or duck in one time. With its large capacity, the AFH-100 is suitable for family from 4 to 6 members. In particular, the functions of this oven can be easily adjusted with 3 mechanical knobs to change the temperature and processing time flexibly for each dish. At the same time, the crown is also designed to be intuitive, very convenient for the beginner to use modern kitchen appliances.

Air fryer 1

6 included accessories

The AFH-100 oil-free fryer is equipped with 6 included accessories such as 2 vacuum mesh trays, 1 roti skewer bar, 1 oil-catchment trayr, 1 roti removal handle, 1 rotating net basket for users to easily replace during processing. Moreover, the outside of the fryer is fitted with super durable and heat resistant glass that allows you to directly observe the cooking process inside the fryer

Replace 3 kitchen utensils

The AFH-100 is 3 in 1 integrated by Hawonkoo, which is a combination of many necessary cooking equipment and tools in the kitchen such as an oven, fryer, frying pan.. Instead of spending a lot of money buying all 3 of the above mentioned kitchen utensils, just having the AFH-100 fryer inorder to make everything become easier than ever.

Easy to fry – Safe for health

Diverse cooking functions

The AFH-100 fryer is one of the great advances in modern food processing technology, especially for deep-fried dishes, bringing delicious dishes without oil in use.

The temperature of AFH-100 air fryer in use will be adjusted from 60 to 200 degrees Celsius, minimizing the variability of carbon chemicals in meals, helping to prevent from cancer. In addition, when the heat dissipates evenly around the surface of the food, it will cook from the inside out.

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Moreover, the product is also used to process many other dishes such as hamburger, spring roll, grilled fish, cakes, quiche, muffins, … without having to use a specialized oven, real the convenience of changing dishes so that family meals are no longer boring.

Minimize the amount of fat loaded into the body

Although the fried meals with much more fat are delicious but eating too much fried food still has many dangers to human health such as obesity and related diseases. Cardiovascular, …

Meanwhile, using the AFH-100 oil-free fryer in daily processing can help you and your family reduce from 80% to 100% of the amount of fat tolerated in the body, but does not lose its deliciousness. On the contrary, food after being processed through the fryer will still retain the natural taste of the food.

Save time and effort

Housewives must be fed up with the oil. But the Hawonkoo AFH-100 oil-free fryer makes cooking be much lighter and more relaxed.

Time for you to stand in the pan or clean the grease splashes while frying will be completely eliminated. In particular, the fryer’s parts can be easily disassembled after use, convenient for cleaning by hand. For families with dishwashers, you just need to fold them neatly into the sink to wash the same dishes after eating.

Air fryer 3

With an extremely large 10L capacity and diverse functions in the same device, the AFH-100 oil-free fryer deserves to be the best choice for the kitchen of every Vietnamese family. Please contact our hotline at 1900 232396 or visit Hawonkoo Fanpage for free advices and receive attractive purchase deals from Hawonkoo.

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