Air Fryer AFH-045


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Compact design with soft curves, the Hawonkoo AFH-045 oil-free fryer is the “universal maid”, making cooking more simple than ever. With only the AFH-045 oil-free fryer, every member of the family can become a talented chef with the ability to process diverse, rich, delicious and healthy dishes.



Model: AFH-045

Power Capacity: 1500W

Voltage: 220-240V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Dimension: 340 x 340 x 368 mm

Weight: 4.5 kg

Capacity: 4.5L

Components: Metal, ABS-plastic and other components

Accessories: 6 included accessories

Operation function: 8

Made in Thailand

Warranty Period: 12 months

Hawonkoo AFH-045 oil-free fryer with a modern design, manufactured on advanced Korean technology lines with many outstanding features to make cooking more simple and convenient more than ever.


Korean Hawonkoo oil-free fryer is produced and imported directly from Thailand. The product is rated as one of the best oil-free fryers today thanks to its 3 NO feature: no grease, no fat, no time. With the Hawonkoo AFH-045, you can cook more dishes without being on duty for hours by the kitchen in a hot oil pan.

The pot uses convection baking technology to cook faster. In particular, the 9-wing design makes Hawonkoo’s AFH-045 oil-free fryer process super quiet.

Luxurious and sophisticated design
The AFH-045 oil-free fryer with compact and flexible design and diverse functions brings a new inspiration to millions of Vietnamese. The pot has a very compact size (only 340 x 340 x 368 mm, 4.5 kg and a capacity of 4.5 liters) which is suitable for any space and convenient in use.

Large capacity, large power capacity, help to cook dishes faster

With a capacity of 4.5 liters, the Hawonkoo AFH-045 oil-free fryer can process a large amount of dishes, suitable for the needs of large families. The spacious frying compartment allows you to process the whole dish in just 1 time, without wasting time or being wait and dividing it into many times like using a regular pan.

The AFH-045 oil-free fryer is manufactured by Hawonkoo with a capacity of up to 1500W, making the process faster, super energy-saving and eliminating up to 80% of the available fat in food. Thanks to that, the food is not only delicious but also good for health.

Diversified functions according to the needs of the
Hawonkoo AFH-045 oil-free fryer is designed with an electronic control panel pre-installed with 8 advanced processing functions, suitable for processing a variety of dishes such as: potatoes French fries, roast meat, fish, shrimp, chicken, baking … With just a few simple buttons, you will have instant delicious and attractive dishes without any elaborate processing.

The controls are intuitive, easy to use

Intelligent electronic control panel with intuitively described buttons for each mode, you can easily set up and use. In addition, the AFH-045 oil-free fryer is also equipped with the feature to automatically disconnect the power source when pulling the pan out of the pot, ensuring safety during use.

Energy saving

The AFH-045 oil-free fryer has a capacity of 1500W, applying advanced technologies to help reduce power consumption in use.

Optimizing space, replacing many kitchen appliances
The compact design of the AFH-045 oil-free fryer helps to save space, suitable for all kitchen spaces. In particular, the product has diversified functions, can replace many kitchen tools such as pan, oven, grill, fruit dryer, toaster …

So oil-free fryer AFH-045 is all what you are waiting for your family’s delicious and fresh meals.

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