Advices on buying a dishwasher for a 4-member-family

Why do women often take a lot of time to cook but do not finish all the work? Because early in the morning, they hurriedly took their children to school, go to the office, and at night, they quickly started working on the kitchen. Evening is the time for the family together, now only wife or mother cook, miserable isn’t it?. This problem is shown that many couples are wondering a product to solve this problem completely..

Dishwasher – “the magic key”

What is a dishwasher?

The dishwasher is a device which help housewives thoroughly clean daily utensils in a short period of time by the mechanism of the faucets’s vortex. In addition, the machine also has another useful side feature is the washing of vegetables and fruits.

Principle of operation

Dishwashing equipment works on the principle of spraying water to create high pressure to remove grease stains, stains or leftover food on dishes, not rubbing like normal human hands. The water chosen can be hot or cold with a dishwashing oil combination. After washing off the plaque, the machine has a drying mode for easy loading in the tray, and can be used immediately if needed.

Advantages of dishwashers

Save water

The first advantage of this product is water saving. Based on the intelligent stains detection mechanism, the machine will quickly give the right amount of water to pressurize the plaque depending on the degree of adhesion on the dishes. Compared with manual dishwashing that we often flush continuously, this method is much more economical.

Wash dishes deeply, kill bacteria

Working on the principle of creating pressure combined with water spraying with washing oil, especially hot water, ensures many times more hygiene than hand washing based on feeling. In addition, the drying mode will help your chopsticks clean from each piece, not a single drop of water will remain

Does not affect hand skin

Because there is no longer direct contact with dishwashing oil and changing cold and hot water, the skin of a woman’s hand is also more beautiful. the cooking water is peeling off in pieces.

Save time

The last highlight of this product that is most important to the buyer is to save time, especially on big dining days. Have you ever liked to cook a lot of dishes for the whole family or invited more friends but hesitate because after that there were mountains of dishes to wash, now it’s all a small thing. Just finish eating and give away all the utensils and dishwashers, leaving this lovely appliance to take care of. Just for a moment, your treat is clean and new, while you can sit and chat with other family members or friends.

Consulting dishwasher for a 4-member-family

The great uses of the dishwasher must make you fall in love and want to buy one for your family. However, please be careful before making a decision because there are many floating products of unknown origin on the market today. Here are some criteria given by Hawonkoo to help you own the most suitable and satisfactory dishwasher.

Capacity, design

You should choose a dish washer with a capacity which is suitable for the purpose of use. If you only need to clean dishes for a 4 members family, you can choose a small capacity one, but if you always cook for many people (over 4 people), please be aware of the the unit has a larger capacity to meet the requirements. In addition, the design of a dishwasher is also quite important: the full, partial or independent  design depends on the area and space of your home. If  you want to save the area, you should choose the full-design or if you want to decorate your kitchen more beautiful, independent-design is the right choice.


More than basic features of a dishwasher which be mentioned above. some companies now integrate fairly modern technologies that may interest you such as half-load washing or half-washing feature for small quantities of dishes, or the soaking feature before washing.

The new model dishwashers have a few extra special features


Brand is surely a factor to consider before buying any product, especially high-tech products. Some of the leading brands of dishwashers in Vietnamese market today are favored by many users such as: Hawonkoo, Bosch, Electrolux, Munchen …


Depending on the features, capacity and brand, the dishwasher will have different price from 15-60 millions VND per unit.  You can research more about these products to make your best choice.


The product of the dishwasher has an internal mechanism of operation, so it is rarely damaged by external influences. However, you also need to pay attention to the warranty period of the machine, usually brands will leave the warranty period to 2 years, some less than 9-12 months.

With the desire to help housewives less strenuous in washing dishes, we hope that the above sharing of Hawonkoo really brings more meaningful and value.

If you need to find out more information or order Hawonkoo products , please contact the hotline at 199 232396 or visit Hawonkoo Fanpage for dedicated advice and support. We are always ready to provide products that make life better and more convenient for Vietnamese families.

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