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Hawonkoo FAH-010-7WINGS fan is an electromechanical fan which produced by standard Korean technology, manufactured directly in Thailand, which is favored by many Vietnamese families on the market today. . The device is equipped with 7 Propellers that create a stronger natural airflow than the popular 3- Propeller fans on the market. FAH-010-7WINGS is suitable for using in all different spaces such as bedroom, living room, office, restaurant, hotel,..etc.


Brand: Hawonkoo

Model : FAH-010-7WINGS
Power Capacity : 50W
Power source : 220V
Dimension : 410 x 360 x 880mm
Weight : 3.5 kg
7 Propellers
Motor AC

Smooth operation

Hawonkoo 7-blade vertical fan FAH-010-7WINGS integrates 3 different wind levels to bring a cool breeze in the middle of a hot summer day!

Hawonkoo standing fan FAH-010-7WINGS is an electromechanical fan produced by standard Korean technology, manufactured directly in the land of Golden Temple (Thailand), which is favored by many Vietnamese families on the market today. . The device is equipped with 7 wings that create a stronger natural airflow than the popular 3-wings vertical fans on the market. FAH-010-7WINGS is suitable for use in all different spaces from bedroom, living room, office, quickly dispel any unpleasant, sultry feeling of summer.


Compact and ergonomic design

Hawonkoo FAH-010-7WINGS vertical fan is designed with a modern, compact design that allows it to be placed in any position even in small space areas.  In particular, possessing a super light weight of only 3.5kg, allowing the user to move to any position with utmost ease.

Hawonkoo fan has a large revolving speed, so when operating, it will create a strong wind-flow. The fan section is designed large with 7 blades of the same size to help the breeze be dispersed and spread throughout the entire room, providing an airy and refreshing space.


Maximum power saving capacity

Hawonkoo FAH-010-7WINGS fan with a height of up to 88cm is used high-grade AC motor to ensure longevity of equipment, allowing smooth, durable operation, without causing loud noise. The device is equipped with an operating capacity of 50W and a corresponding source of 220V, allowing maximum energy savings during use, especially on hot days when the fans must be operated continuously.

3 levels of speed for cool summer days

The fan is equipped with 3 different wind speeds: light, medium, medium strong, strongest to bring the freshest, most comfortable breeze throughout the room. Users just need to press the button to speed the wind speed to adjust the speed of the rotors to rotate or rotate slowly depending on the needs of each family member.

Unique timer function

Hawonkoo offers a more perfect experience for everyone, with the FAH-010-7WINGS vertical fan you can easily customize the fan’s operating time from 0 – 2 hours per use. Especially suitable and comfortable for families with young children who cannot turn on / off the device by themselves.

Instructions for safe use

Although an electric fan is a familiar device to every family. However, to ensure the safety of the life and longevity of the device, please follow some of the following safe usage guidelines:

  • Do not insert your hands or anything into the fan cage to avoid injury
  • Make sure to keep the fan away from grease, chemicals, and moisture
  • When cleaning, be sure to use plain water and remember not to use chemical cleaners or alcohol because they can damage the fan body.
  • Do not unplug by pulling the power supply cord, this may result in electric shock or create a spark
  • Keep away from curtains, clothing, or anything that could interfere with the fan’s range
  • Turn off all switches and unplug the power supply when you are going out for an extended period of time
  • Do not use the fan without finishing the installation to avoid injury

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