How kitchen appliances change the housewife’s life

With development of social, more and more smart home appliances were born to reduce the burden on modern women.

Before that, women just hang around the kitchen, cleaning the house but nowadays most women have their own careers. How can you arrange the housework and another jobs are both going well? That is why Hawonkoo introduces to the housewives 4  “indispensable” kitchen appliances if you want to make the housework easier

Air fryer

Healthy eating habit is becoming a popular trend in many countries. This is not only good for fitness, but also helps us prevent from problems related to heart and blood pressure. And the oil-free fryer naturally becomes the key of good meals.

kitchen appliance 01

Considered that, The air fryer is a cooking’s revolution because this kitchen appliance can help you minimize the amount of oil that you consume everyday. Thanks to the Rapid Air technology – which uses circulating convection heat to cook from the outside to the inside, from top to bottom without using oil or only need a very small amount of oil instead of traditional cooking methods.

In addition, this device also pre-installed with a smart-frying mode in standard time without fear of burning or smokes. and it also save time for cooking any meals. So that, you can do other things while you wait for the food to come out. It’s worth owning, isn’t it?

Housewares – Dishwashers

Dishwashers are widely known household appliances in many European countries and have become a new “trend” in Vietnam in recent years. However, many people wonder that whether the decision to buy this kitchen appliance is the right choice.

Most of the people who bought this device before had thought: “Can this machine wash dishes cleaner than they do manually?”

Yes of course! Because this kitchen appliance is equipped with extremely high water pressure, combined with heat generation to create a hot baking source strong enough to wash clean all the dirt, oil on dishes, saucepans, pots,..

kitchen appliance 02

Especially, families regularly hold banquets at home, this kitchen appliance can be considered as the perfect “assistant” to help you clean all the dishes, utensils,….

Orange squeezer

Surely all women have felt tired when squeezing oranges. But nowsaday orange squeezer “changes” a lot.

kitchen appliance 03

The automatic squeezer uses a hand-sensing mechanism to recognize the impact force, helping to squeeze out the entire amount of pure juice in the fruit without worrying about hand fatigue. In particular, this smart household item also has two separate parts, including the filter tray and the container, to separate seeds and bitter oil.

Moreover, not only orange can be squeezed, but also the automatic this kitchen appliance can squeeze a variety of other citrus fruits such as lemons, grapefruit, and tangerines, … helping women to diversify fresh and delicious drinks for the whole family.

Household appliances – Multifunctional sterilizer

On humid days, due to sunny or rain, bacteria and viruses are more and more likely to spread, they can stick regularly on many surfaces of bowls, cutting boards, baby bottles, watches. , telephone, … So, the multifunction sterilizer is an indispensable item.

kitchen appliance 04

Unlike conventional dryers on the market, the multifunction sterilizer has an integrated drying function and can be sterilized by using UV technology with the ability to destroy up to 99.9% of bacteria. , viruses, mold.

These 4 kitchen appliances which are helpful  for every family should have if they want a “quieter house” life. If you are interested in buying smart Korean kitchen household products such as Air fryer, orange squeezer, multi-function sterilizer, please call our hotline at 1900 232396 or visit the Hawonkoo Fanpage to receive free consultation and many attractive offers.


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